Battlefront II Jabba's Palace, Han Solo Season

Star Wars Battlefront II will launch 'Han Solo Season' with new game mode and appearances

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May 9, 2018, 2:00 PM EDT

If all the clips, trailers, interviews and tie-in merchandise weren't enough Han Solo fun for you in the lead up to Solo: A Star Wars Story, we've got some good news: Battlefront II is about to get some updates.

"Han Solo Season," a rollout of new content including a new game mode, new appearances and a new classic Star Wars location, is set to launch in the popular game next week, EA announced Wednesday. The update is the second "season" of content added to the game since its launch, following the debut of The Last Jedi season last December and hot on the heels of the "Night On Endor" update last month that included the popular "Ewok Hunt" mode.

So, what can you expect from the Han Solo Season? Well, the biggest news might be a brand-new game mode: "Hero Showdown," an elimination mode similar to the already introduced "Heroes vs. Villains," but with new rules. Here's how EA's development team describes it:

"In this 2v2 game mode, players will begin the match by picking their Heroes. Should you be defeated you must put all your hope into your teammate and wait until the round is over."

If your team is successful and wins the round, you are unable to use the Heroes that you previously used. However, if your team loses the round you're free to pick any available Hero, including the ones you've just used.

"It's a best out of five situation, so the first to win three rounds will claim victory. Think carefully about your pick, strategy is everything in this mode."

In additon to "Hero Showdown," the game will also add a Starfighter option to the "Custom Arcade" mode, allowing players to choose from starfighters across all eras of Star Wars to practice their skills before playing modes like "Starfighter Assault."

When it comes to specific Han Solo-centric content, we'll have to wait until June for things that tie directly to Solo: A Star Wars Story, but May will feature updates centered around Han's adventures in Return of the Jedi. Jabba's Palace, the iconic location where Han was displayed as Jabba the Hutt's "favorite decoration," joins the game this month as a playable locale in Blast, Hero Showdown, and Heroes vs. Villains modes. Based on screenshots like the one above, players will not only be able to roam and fight through Jabba's throne room, but also his perilous Rancor den.

If it's new character looks you're after, the Solo Season has that, too. The updates will add a new Epic Appearance for Lando Calrissian, allowing you to play in his Skiff Guard disguise, and it will also add the first Legendary Appearance option for Battlefront II. That honor goes to Leia Organa's Boushh bounty hunter gear, complete with voice scrambler. Both appearances will be available to purchase with credits and crystals.

The Han Solo Season will launch on Battlefront II on May 16, with more content from the update arriving next month. For more details, head over to the EA Community to read the development team's updates.