Star Wars' Captain Phasma scores her own Marvel mini-series

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Apr 16, 2017, 11:00 AM EDT

When last we saw the shamed Captain Phasma, the silver-tinted stormtrooper officer in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, she surrendered to our daring Resistance heroes at Starkiller Base with relative ease and was headed for the trash compactor. Since we know from the underwhelming new teaser for Star Wars: The Last Jedi that Gwendolyn Christie's imposing chrome commander will return in the sequel, she obviously never made it down to the garbage bin or possibly escaped its clutches before the whole base went kablooey.

On Friday at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, Marvel announced that a new 4-issue mini-series titled Star Wars: Captain Phasma will roll out in September as part of the Journey To Star Wars: The Last Jedi campaign, explaining exactly what happened to Phasma between the two films.

The solid creative team consists of writer Kelly Thompson (Hawkeye, A-Force) and artist Marco Checchetto (Gamora, Star Wars: Shattered Empire). Let's hope the seasoned duo gives Phasma a bit more backbone when push comes to shove this time, since it was such a waste of a badass First Order enforcer to be bullied by a young kid. Sorry, Finn.

Check out Paul Renaud's cover art for Captain Phasma #1 below and tell us if you'll follow Phasma in her continuing exploits this fall.

(Via io9)