Star Wars Celebration Mother Daughter

Star Wars becomes a celebration of hope for mother/daughter mega fans

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Apr 18, 2017, 9:35 PM EDT

Star Wars means a lot of things to a lot of people, but for mother and daughter mega fans Sandra and Coloni, it may just mean a little more.

At this weekend's Star Wars Celebration Orlando, we caught up with mom Sandra and daughter Coloni, both rocking the Endor speeder biker look. After admitting that she relied heavily on the Rebellion for child-rearing help, Sandra goes on to share some of her connections to the film while also managing to do a pretty darn good Luke impression. But it's Coloni's beautiful story at the end of the video that displays the very heart of Star Wars fandom.

"I had a terminal brain tumor, and I thought I had three weeks to live, we didn't know," says Coloni, when asked about what lessons she's learned from the Skywalker family. "I'm like Mom, don't cry, there's always hope, just like the Rebellion, just like Episode IV, there's always hope."

Star Wars Celebration week marked the third anniversary of that scary time, and the Force is still very much strong in Coloni. It certainly puts a more resplendent light on Episode IV's subtitle, A New Hope. Please enjoy the heartwarming interview below, and good luck not tearing up.