Star Wars: Clone Wars director teases the series finale, odds of a revival

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Mar 7, 2014

Though the series wasn’t cut quite as short as we thought it would be, Star Wars: Clone Wars is still coming to an end this week with the release of the “Lost Missions” on Netflix. So, what should we expect?

Supervising director Dave Filoni, one of the key minds behind the Emmy-winning animated series, sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about the series as fans prepare to say goodbye. First up, Filoni confirmed that Clone Wars doesn’t have a proper series finale in the traditional sense — though he feels the 13-episode “Lost Missions” run is a comfortable place to end the show, thematically:

“One of the reasons I was okay with us ending when we did and production shifting from Clone Wars to Rebels is I liked the idea of having this Yoda arc available to us because I felt like this was a great place to have an ending if it’s going to end. There’s been so many threads throughout the five seasons, if you were to try and wrap them all up each one would be its own big episode. Here we have two story acts within this the 13 that have a strong connection to the franchise, they’re very important to understanding the overall saga. They’re [creator George Lucas'] last statement about Yoda and The Force and how things fit together. If you’re a die-hard fan, they’re absolutely must-watch story content. As I think fans realized, this wasn’t just fun storytelling in the Star Wars universe. These were very much George Lucas’ stories and he felt they were as important as his other work.”

So, if they didn’t get a chance to end the story they’d set out to tell, could that mean we’ll get more Clone Wars in the future? Maybe, at least according to Filoni, though that could take a lot of potential forms (see: the upcoming four-part Clone Wars comic run). Despite all the attention shifting over to the new series Rebels, Filoni sounds like he is still passionate about Clone Wars, and we hope he’ll get a chance to keep telling those stories:

“I always think of Yoda in these moments — the future is always in motion. Projects you think are no-brainers stall, and other things see the light of day. You never count anything out. I know the stories that are untold. I think they’re great. I’d love to see them told in some medium, some how. I’ve become a protector of those stories. [Lucasfilm president] Kathleen Kennedy understands the value of the stories we were going to tell. I’m sure we’ll find a way to find root for them in some manner in the future. I hope to be around for a long time.”

The full run of Clone Wars, including the “Lost Missions,” arrive on Netflix today. Will you be watching?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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