Star Wars: Clone Wars may be dead, but we WILL get an ending

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Jan 9, 2014, 10:13 AM EST

Call it a miracle, call it one last hurrah. Whatever you call it, we’re just glad that Dark Horse and Star Wars are teaming up one last time to give us all what we want.

That’s right: Dark Horse is developing a four-part comic miniseries based on the screenplay for the unproduced series finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which will mark one of the last projects before the license shifts over to Marvel. Though there were some episodes still in the can when Disney unceremoniously canceled the series after buying Lucasfilm, the series finale wasn’t finished yet.

Sure, it’s not a full-fledged series finale, but it’s the best thing we could’ve possibly hoped would happen. Disney is gung-ho to get Star Wars: Rebels off the ground and has shown little interest in pumping resources into a canceled series. At least with this we’ll get a chance to see what the producers had cooked up for the end.

Here’s how writer Jeremy Barlow described the project in a chat with Newsarama:

“Due to the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV show's sudden cancellation, Lucasfilm wasn't able to film the final episodes of the series, which is a shame because the story is an important -- and action-packed -- chapter in Darth Maul's continuing evolution as envisioned by George Lucas. Never ones to let a good story slip away, Dark Horse and the team at Lucasfilm saw an opportunity to save these teleplays from obsolescence and we're adapting them into a four-part miniseries called Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir…

I’m being trusted with bringing home an important storyline that George Lucas, Dave Filoni and the team at Lucasfilm Animation had been building over several seasons, and I appreciate the confidence that Dark Horse and Lucasfilm have in my ability to pull it off.”

Even with the comic intended to wrap up a long-running animated series, Dark Horse is trying to make the limited run as accessible as possible. Basically, Barlow says all we need to know is that Darth Maul is back, “really pissed off,” and that Darth Sidious wants to take him out. Hmm, fair enough.

Considering the fact that the license heads to Marvel in 2015, Dark Horse plans to crank this one out in May 2014. So, Clone Wars fans, a fitting end is on the horizon — it’s just not the medium you were expecting.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)