Stretch out on this comfy, custom new Star Wars Dewback couch

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Apr 28, 2017, 12:38 PM EDT (Updated)

While doing your annual spring cleaning, it's always nice to rearrange the ol' comic-book room or collector's den and add something new to increase the room's relaxation quotient.

Check out this nerdy new Dewback couch from Regal Robot Custom Studio, created as a smaller replica of Imperial stormtroopers' preferred mode of transportation on desert planets like Tatooine. The lumbering lizards weren't the fastest creatures in the galaxy, but they were sure-footed and reliable mounts for blue milk merchants and moisture farmers.


This ungainly Custom Star Wars Dewback Loveseat was on display at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando and comes with a premium pricetag of $10,000 (Hey, it's got cupholders!) as there is only one available at this time.

Here's the official description:

Part sofa, part sculpture, all Star Wars™. Seen and photographed by thousands of fans at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, this truly unique Dewback sofa is our first official Star Wars piece from the Regal Robot Custom Studio. The two-seat bench style loveseat is more than just furniture… it’s a functional, sculptural art piece! Affectionately called “Dewey” by our crew, this lounge lizard is fully hand detailed, making it an original work of art, in addition to being a cozy place to sit! The custom loveseat comes with the patterned blanket, faux fur throw, pillows and cushions as shown and features 2 cupholders within the faux rock theming.

(Via Geek Tyrant)