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Star Wars' Oscar Isaac teases he and C-3PO worked together 'a lot' in Episode IX

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Sep 25, 2019, 12:51 PM EDT (Updated)

Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron was one of the three leads taking up the reins of Star Wars in the newest trilogy, and now that the still-untitled Episode IX has wrapped under the watchful eye of director J.J. Abrams, fans are speculating about the end of the Skywalker saga more than ever. Now, thanks to Isaac’s discussion of his last day shooting, fans may have a bit more intel — however slight — to add to their theorizing.

Isaac went on The Tonight Show and talked Star Wars, mentioning that his final day was the same as that of a Star Wars legend: Anthony Daniels, the actor who brought us C-3PO in his many endearingly irritating iterations. In fact Daniels is the only actor to appear in all the episodic films. But Isaac and Daniels’ relationship was only part of it. Dameron and C-3PO’s was also teased.

Take a look:

Yes, even though Daniels may have stolen some of Isaac’s thunder simply because the man has been in all the Star Wars (ok, all the main Star Wars) films, fans still learn a bit about what’s to come for the protocol droid. While Daniels was “hanging up the golden cowl,” he also kept saying that “this was the most fun he’s had because he had so many fun things to do and we got to work a lot together,” according to Isaac.

It sounds like Poe and 3PO have some fun escapades together as some of the few surviving members of the Resistance — and if we know Star Wars, it’s likely that the droid will bumble his way into saving the day one way or another. Or he’ll just get blown up again.

Fans can see the Poe/3PO dynamic when Episode IX closes out the Skywalker storyline on Dec. 20.