Star Wars Episode IX has become a Lost reunion, as Dominic Monaghan joins the cast

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Aug 24, 2018

Meriadoc Brandybuck is about to travel a lot further away from the Shire than the Black Gate of Mordor (or than a mystery island in the middle of the ocean) — he's going all the way to a galaxy far, far away. 

According to Deadline, Dominic Monaghan (Merry in The Lord of the Rings trilogy) has joined the cast of Star Wars: Episode IX. The upcoming film is being helmed by Lost creator J.J. Abrams, so it will be a little bit of a reunion for the two — Monaghan also played Charlie on that show for a few seasons before he held his hand up to a window and drowned (spoilers).

Monaghan had previously expressed public interest in appearing in Abrams' first forceful foray, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He's finally getting his chance now. The actor has been quoted as saying, "The galaxy far far away has had almost as much influence as the one I live in, so I am delighted to be involved." 

There is no word on who he will be playing in the new film, which will also feature franchise newcomers Keri Russell and Richard E. Grant. Monaghan is probably not playing Grand Admiral Thrawn (or both of Rey's secret parents), so we can dispense with those thoughts right now. Perhaps he will write the words "Not Rey's Ship" on his hand and press it against a shielded window before being blown into the vacuum of space? Maybe he'll write "Elba for Bond" instead; anything is possible.

Not really, though. As long as he doesn't start singing Charlie's never-ending rock song, we'll be content. Welcome to Star Wars, Master Meriadoc! 

(Via: Deadline)

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