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Star Wars expands fan film awards to photos, art in 2018

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Mar 25, 2019, 3:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Star Wars fans can be the best and worst of fandom, but Lucasfilm believes in its community so strongly that it’s continuing a long-standing tradition of giving out awards for fan projects.

This used to be solely for fan films, which was a longtime Lucasfilm tradition at the Star Wars Fan Film Awards, but for 2018, the program will be known as the Star Wars Fan Awards 2018.

These awards, which will offer Star Wars diehards and dedicated creators the opportunity to strut their stuff for a prize pack full of merch and a bragging rights-enabling trophy, begin accepting submissions on July 18 and end on Sept. 17. There will be audience award voting from Nov. 2-13, but the rest of the diverse categories will have their winners chosen by a panel of Lucasfilm judges.

Winners will be announced on an episode of The Star Wars Show, which also promises a few surprises for competitors. So cosplayers, video editors, actors, and artists — make your case for why you’re the best Star Wars fan.

The complete list of categories (which does not include Best The Last Jedi Remake) is below, per descriptions from

Videos can be either long (under 5 minutes) or short (up to 15 seconds) and both have the same series of categories: Best Animation, Best Stop Motion, Best Comedy, Best Choreography, Best Visual Effects, Audience Choice, Filmmaker Select, and Spirit of Fandom

Photos: Best Scene-Inspired Photo, Best Family Portrait, Best Throwback Photo, Best Original Concept, Funniest, Best Pet Photography, Best Star Wars Food Presentation, Best in Show, and Audience Choice

Visual Art: Best Digital Art, Best Poster Art, Best Custom Costume, Best 2-D/Traditional Art, Best 3-D/Physical Art, Best Custom Figure, Best Custom Diorama, Best in Show, and Audience Choice