Star Wars fan cleans out attic, makes $65,000 auctioning vintage action figures

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Feb 25, 2015, 4:53 PM EST (Updated)

We're already in a Star Wars frenzy, and we still have the better part of a year to wait until The Force Awakens arrives. If you have any old action figures lying around, that zeitgeist could mean a boatload of cash.

The Guardian reports that the former chairman of the Star Wars UK fan club, Craig Stevens, has recently auctioned off 16 action figures for a mind-boggling total of approximately $65,000. The haul was led by a "pristine" Boba Fett figure still in its packaging that sold for $27,850. Outside of that high-profile item, he also auctioned off an IG-88 droid figure for $6,500 and a Han Solo figure in a Bespin outfit from The Empire Strikes Back for $3,000.

Not bad for a box of toys that probably cost less than $100 total when they were originally purchased. Also of note: The auction barely scratched the surface of Stevens' collection of 10,000+ figures and memorabilia. 

In an interview with The Guardian, Stevens encouraged old Star Wars fans to take a few minutes and dig around in their attics — because there are probably a whole lot more valuable action figures still sitting around, forgotten and unfound:

"The holy grail for Star Wars collectors is the Jawa with a vinyl cape, which was made for a short time before they replaced it with a cloth cape. It was only made for four or five months … There are more out there in people's cupboards and attics. Unpackaged, you are talking £400-£500 ($700) and in the packaging, unopened, the sky's the limit."

If you do happen to discover any hidden treasures buried in a box somewhere, they're probably only destined to get more valuable as we get closer to The Force Awakens' opening on Dec. 18.

(Via The Guardian)

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