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Brew up your own Batuuan cocktails with the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge cookbook

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Sep 12, 2019, 2:35 PM EDT

You don't have to travel to Florida or California for a taste of the Batuuan cuisine at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Thanks to the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook from the good folks at Insight Editions, you'll be able to re-create the drinks, dishes, and snacks from places like Oga's Cantina, Ronto's Roasters, and Kat Saka's Kettle. The recipes come courtesy of Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, while Marc Sumerak wrote the book in the voice of Strono "Cookie" Tuggs, a former head chef for Maz Kanata's castle who eventually opened his own food freighter called Tugg’s Grib. According to the Galaxy's Edge prose novel by Delilah S. Dawson, Cookie stops on Batuu one week out of every month, serving some of the best fried Endorian tip-yip in the known galaxy.

"Lucky for us, Strono was already an established character before he ever landed on Batuu and parked his food freighter atop Black Spire Outpost’s Docking Bay 7. Between The Force Awakens, its tie-in stories, and the amazing narrative for Galaxy’s Edge developed by Margaret Kerrison and the WDI team, I already had everything I needed to help bring 'Cookie' — and his cooking — alive on the page," Sumerak tells SYFY WIRE.

Our mouths watering, we requested an exclusive look at the cookbook, and Insight was all too happy to oblige, providing us with the recipe pages for two drinks you'd easily be able to pick up at Oga's Cantina: the Hyperdrive and the Photon Fizzle. Just make sure you're of age.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge cookbook Hyperdrive recipe

Credit: Insight Editions

"They look vibrant and exciting, for a start! But they're also delicious and refreshing. I think this recipe collection has a really solid drinks section, and I enjoyed drinking ... uh ... field-testing each of them!" says Monroe-Cassel, who has written cookbooks based on Game of Thrones, Overwatch, Elder Scrolls, Lord of the Rings, Firefly, Outlander, and World of Warcraft. "With any cookbook project I take on, I start with a list of what's canon in the world. In this case, it's mostly what we've seen in the films, along with some novels, comics, etc. Then I build outward from there, trying to represent the various worlds, cultures, history, and so on. After that, it's a matter of balancing the number of side dishes, main courses, etc. I am always prone to having too many drinks and desserts, since they're my favorites!"

"With the Photon Fizzle, it’s all about the cool, refreshing flavors, enhanced by the unusual texture of the boba orbs floating in the mix. As for the Hyperdrive, it’s got a powerhouse combination of fruity flavors that’ll have you ready to make the jump into lightspeed in no time!" adds Sumerak.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge cookbook Photon Fizzle recipe

Credit: Insight Editions

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge cookbook Photon Fizzle recipe

Credit: Insight Editions

As we said above, this book allows you to enjoy the food of the theme park without having to go there. While writing the recipes, Monroe-Cassel was cognizant of the fact that they would be replicated not in industrial-sized kitchens, but in regular households.

"There are several recipes that are for dishes you can enjoy in the parks, but downsized for a home kitchen. If you're planning on opening up your own cantina, they'll take some tweaking to be sure you have large enough portions for a crowd! But I was able to follow my own creative drive, for the most part, which was really fun," she explains. "It's a seriously daunting delight. Being able to work on a Star Wars cookbook has been on my dream project list for years now, so when I was asked, I was over the moon. There's never been an in-world SW cookbook before! But as with any much-loved world, there's a really high bar for quality set by the fans, and it's important to respect what's come before and, when possible, really honor that legacy."

"It’s hard to pick, but my favorites are always the ones that have a deep connection to existing lore, whether it comes directly from Galaxy’s Edge or from elsewhere in the Star Wars saga. Getting to help bring these fan favorite foods home was a real honor, and I can’t wait for folks to get their hands — no matter how many they might have — on this book!" says Sumerak.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook goes on sale everywhere Tuesday, Nov. 5. You can pre-order a copy on Amazon here.