Star Wars, Game of Thrones among 2017's strongest fandoms

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Dec 17, 2018, 7:00 PM EST (Updated)

The next time someone asks to witness your fully armed and operational Star Wars fandom, tell them you've got the official ranking to prove its power.

Fandom-focused site FanSided has just released a list of the strongest fanbases in 2017, narrowing it down to the top 250 in sports, entertainment, celebrities, and more. Rounding out the top five? Boxer/mixed martial artist Conor McGregor's fandom clocks in at No. 5, Star Wars' at No. 4, The Rock's at No. 3, Game of Thrones' at No. 2, and the always impassioned Ohio State Buckeye fandom won the whole darn thing (even though they've been eliminated from winning the No. 1 ranking in this year's college football polls).

Interestingly, Star Wars and Game of Thrones are the only two genre properties to hold spots within the top 10 fandoms, unless you count Netflix at No. 6. Although further down the list, The Walking Dead, Wonder Woman, and Star Trek fandoms all secured a spot within the top 20.

Unlike last year's list (in which Game of Thrones came in fourth and Star Wars in second), for 2017, FanSided gave its readers the option to vote for their favorite fandoms. But there are also several other factors taken into account in terms of ranking the most stalwart fanbases, among them “longevity, worth, size, social interaction, buzz factor, and, of course, passion.”

In a statement, FanSided VP of content Patrick Allen emphasized that the ultimate determiner comes down to one top component. "We place a lot of weight on buzz so the fandom having a strong year as part of the conversation is an important factor to determining the rankings. The most important factor our editors consider is what we call the passion barometer," Allen said. "The quality of fandom is just as important to us as longevity and size. There are many great fandoms that are small and passionate and we try to shine a light on them with our rankings as well."

Although fandoms tend to ebb and flow in terms of dominating the public's consciousness, it's probably no surprise that both Star Wars and Game of Thrones ranked so highly on this year's list. With the penultimate season of the HBO series taking up the bulk of the summer for TV audiences, and the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi rounding out the end of the year for holiday movie-goers, it makes sense that for many fans, the hype is still very present.

So, which fandom do you think is strongest? Let us know in the comments!