Star Wars geek builds realistic Rancor that could even fool Jabba

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Mar 25, 2019, 4:15 PM EDT (Updated)

You'd definitely need a bigger kennel for this delightful Dathomirian beast. Leave it to the loyal 501st Legion to spawn a nearly full-scale model of Jabba's favorite reptile assassin from Return of the Jedi. Who needs a labradoodle anyway?

This incredible styrofoam sculpture was built for troopers of the storied 501st Legion, a Star Wars fan club devoted to the specialized Tatooine detachment affectionately known as Vader's Fist. It will be unveiled at the big Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando later this month.

Rick Bohler and Matt Paisley of Pizzazz Scenic Contractors did the grunt work out of cut templates, then chiseled and polished the creature from foam insulation. Texture detail was accomplished by hundreds of hours of Dremel tool and airbrush artistry.

And who knew it was a girl? Gaze below upon a female face only Malakili could love.

Here's a video of exactly how Pizzazz created the grand giant of the pit ...

(via Technabob)

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