Star Wars — Film Concert Series

Star Wars Live performances hitting orchestras in Cleveland, New Orleans, Atlanta

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Aug 31, 2018, 1:02 PM EDT

If you’ve got a Star Wars fever that can’t wait until next Christmas for Episode IX to cure it or the grand opening of the Star Wars bar to drown your sorrows, then three state orchestras have a solution for you.

Hopping onto the Star Wars Live In Concert train that has swept up the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic in the past, Cleveland, New Orleans, and Atlanta will all be offering live renditions of John Williams’ legendary score to accompany a screening of the first film.

Cleveland is the first coming up in the concert’s small tour around the country, playing from Aug. 31 - Sep. 2 at the Blossom Music Center. The Cleveland Orchestra recently posted a video to their Twitter of a rehearsal, overseen by a sinister special guest:

If you look closely, you can see the conductor watching Luke ponder Tatooine's horizon. If you can’t make it to Ohio, there’s always the geeky fandom of the deep south.

From Sept. 7-8, the show will be at Saenger Theatre in New Orleans, with a costume contest preceding the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra’s take on the Williams score. After that, fans will have to wait until next March to get the live experience, which will play at Atlanta Symphony Hall from March 15-16 — although this features the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra playing The Empire Strikes Back.

Drive around the country, listen to every state’s orchestra play Star Wars, and report back. We want a ranking.