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Star Wars Obi-Wan series at Disney+ started life as a movie, says Ewan McGregor

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Oct 27, 2019, 9:23 PM EDT

Remember all that buzz about Ewan McGregor starring in his own Obi-Wan Kenobi movie, back in the days before Solo: A Star Wars Story didn’t quite warp the box office into hyperdrive? Well, it turns out an Obi-Wan movie — and not the Disney+ series we’ll be getting — was, in fact, the original plan, according to Ewan McGregor himself. 

Comingsoon.net recently interviewed McGregor at the launch of Doctor Sleep — the Shining sequel that finds McGregor playing a grown-up Danny Torrance — and the Star Wars star admitted that yes, he indeed had been slated to reprise his Obi-Wan role in a Star Wars Story-style movie for Lucasfilm and Disney, before Solo’s box office performance made Disney pause and reevaluate the project.

“It wasn’t always going to be a series, not initially,” McGregor said. “When we first started talking about, that wasn’t really in the cards but everything’s changed so much, so quickly. It’s really exciting that it is now. I’m really into the idea to be able to tell the story over several hours instead of just one hit. I think it’s going to be quite cool.”

Disney confirmed at this year’s D23 fan event that script work on the new Obi-Wan premium series was completed, effectively confirming, in the process, that it hadn’t abandoned its much-buzzed commitment to giving McGregor’s younger version of Obi-Wan, played by Sir Alec Guinness in the original Star Wars trilogy, a story all to himself

McGregor’s Obi-Wan series still hasn’t been given a name or a release date, so it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing it alongside Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian when Disney+ launches. But we’re already firing up The Phantom Menace and the rest of George Lucas’ middle Star Wars trilogy, just to get caught up on the story. As for Disney+ itself, the wait’s almost over: the new streaming platform makes it debut on Nov. 12.