Image(s) of the Day: Eric Tan's terrific new Star Wars prequel posters

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May 3, 2017, 1:29 PM EDT (Updated)

This trio of tempting Star Wars posters might not change your mind about the endless issues with the prequels, but it does smooth over a few of the rough edges.  

Artist Eric Tan is well-known for his evocative interpretations of pop culture properties and Hollywood movies in limited-release silk-screened prints and posters for everything from Star Wars and the Back to the Future movies to Disney classics and Pixar films.

Tan has now tackled the Star Wars prequels -- The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith -- and focused on the more dynamic aspects of these controversial sci-fi features in a bold style that almost makes your forget the films' epic fails. Bottleneck Gallery offered this set of three posters starting at noon on Thursday and they all sold out within hours. No big surprise there!

Each silk-screened poster measured 12 x 36 inches, were limited to 250 editions a piece and sold for $40 each or $140 for the set. You'll most likely be able to find them on the secondary market (with an inflated price tag, of course).

"I wasn’t a fan of those films' stories but I did appreciate the production design within them," Tan told io9. "With the prequels prints, I was able to add all the characters and vehicles that I felt were well-designed and could make for striking imagery."

Reel in these rousing Star Wars artworks below and tell us which one you dig the most.

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