Watch: Ranking the Sith Lords of Star Wars canon

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May 12, 2017

From that first labored breath to lightning coming out of fingers to two blades lighting from the same lightsaber, Sith Lords have long been fan favorites in the Star Wars franchise.

These denizens of the Dark Side of the Force are the bad guys, make no mistake, but that doesn't stop fans from loving every second of their screen time, every page of their book and comic appearances, or from dressing up as the characters at conventions, on Halloween and even at charity events (shout-out to the 501st!).

In the Legends world, formerly known as the Expanded Universe, there were nearly uncountable Sith introduced, from the ages of the Old Republic and even before all the way to hundreds of years beyond the stories of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Now the canon has reduced that number to a much more manageable list, and before any more can be introduced, we thought we'd give a definitive ranking of the Sith Lords so far. Who's the darkest of them all? We ranked by their on-screen feats, their biggest moments, their relative power level and, yeah, we put popularity in the mix, too.

Hook up your life-support apparatus, ignite your red lightsaber, and see if your favorite came out on top!

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