Star Wars Rebels exec reveals 1st look at new character + new planet setting

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Jan 27, 2014

We already knew we’d have a new villain in Star Wars: Rebels, but now we have our first look at a new character -- plus, we know on which planet most of the action will take place.

Executive producer Dave Filoni opened up in an interview with about the upcoming Clone Wars replacement, and revealed that the series will feature a new droid named Chopper, who basically looks like a somewhat dumpier version of R2-D2.

Filoni also confirmed that most of the action will be based on the new planet Lothal, which is in the Outer Rim and was inspired by some of Ralph McQuarrie’s artwork for the original Star Wars trilogy. Though we’ll be exploring a new edge of the universe, Filoni was quick to note we will still see some of the classic ships we know and love from the original films. So, hopefully, the best of both worlds.

Here’s an excerpt:

"We will see many things that are famous to Star Wars, but have not appeared on screen in a while. Star Destroyers, TIE Fighters, and Stormtroopers - basically the Empire is back and that is a big change, since, for many years, we have only seen the Republic in action. The tone of the series is also different. The Clone Wars got very dark as we headed towards the end of the war and the downfall of the Jedi. Star Wars Rebels brings back the banter and faster pace that the original films were famous for.

Rebels takes place in the Outer Rim. The audience typically thinks of Tatooine as the place where Luke Skywalker grew up, when the Outer Rim is mentioned. We are on a more civilized planet, and one that profited from the Empire’s existence in the beginning. Most of the stories take place on the planet Lothal, which is a grass planet with large monolithic stones on the surface. The look comes from some Ralph McQuarrie concept paintings that were done for the original Star Wars films. We tried to make Lothal look and feel like a planet that would have been in the original film trilogy. It’s alien, but you feel like it’s someplace that you could visit on Earth geographically. Hoth, Tatooine, and Endor are all like this, so we think it fits in well."

The details are finally starting to come together, and it sounds like they’re aiming for more of that swashbuckling feel from the original trilogy, which could be a good thing. But, as odd as it sounds, we just hope it doesn't get too cartoony. Clone Wars managed to strike that perfect balance of kid-friendly while still appealing to adults, and we're hoping Rebels can also hit that sweet spot. 

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