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Star Wars Resistance scores its first ensemble episode

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Nov 19, 2018, 4:57 PM EST (Updated)

In this week’s episode of Star Wars: Resistance, called “Synara’s Score,” the platform is vulnerable to pirate attack when the targeting computer goes down. Captain Doza asks for Yeager’s help in getting it back up and running before the pirates find out what’s happening. Tam and Kaz go to Synara for help (who Kaz and Poe rescued in last week’s episode), and we learn more about her, and specifically where her loyalties lie.

Swapna: Another great episode, and we got some good scenes between Synara and Tam! You and I have both been commenting on the lack of dialogue for female characters on the show thus far, so it was nice to see some bonding between the two without Kaz or anyone else present.

Preeti: Yes! I’ve been dying to get more from Tam, and while it’s a little frustrating to see how easily Synara is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, it was nice to see two female characters bonding and developing a sort of relationship with one another. I’m hoping that Tam’s decision to help Synara without regard for her own safety will lead to Synara joining their band. I find myself really liking Synara’s character, even if she is a pirate.

Swapna: I agree completely. It feels like Synara has fit in a little too easily, telling everyone she is a victim of a pirate attack rather than a pirate herself. But I think the character is complex and well done, and I hope she’s going to be switching sides soon. It’s clear Synara has always had to look out for herself and she was so surprised to see someone concerned about her welfare.

Star Wars Resistance Episode 8 Synara

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Preeti: I loved that BB-8 had better instincts than any of our human characters. Because, yes, she has fit in too easily and I’m glad Kaz didn’t tell her outright what they were doing, but I needed someone to be like, hey. Hey we don’t even know her. She doesn’t even go here. Etc.

Swapna: This pirate attack also had the intended effect: Doza is moving forward with the First Order. He hasn’t made a commitment yet, but the alliance between the pirates and the First Order is paying off, and they’re coming to the base. Presumably, we’ll see that play out in next week’s episode.

Preeti: This is where it’s hard being the audience and seeing all the moving pieces. I was yelling at my screen, Doza no! You’re being played! The First Order is playing you!!!

On another note, I loved that we finally got to see Yeager in action.

Star Wars Resistance Episode 8 Yeager

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Swapna: Yes! This episode really felt like an ensemble, rather than Kaz getting into trouble and everyone else commenting on it. We didn’t see much of Neeku, but he’s gotten quite a bit of screen time in the past so I was okay with that. I’d love to see more episodes in this vein, with the entire crew working towards a common goal.

Preeti: Yeah, there’s still a slight awkwardness to the way the team gels (which I think is just a result of having to focus on Kaz so much in earlier episodes that it felt like we fast forwarded past the growth of the team). But, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone get pulled into the fold of Kaz’s work for the Resistance. There’s so much great potential for story (Yeager’s hesitancy to join up, Tam’s desire to be a successful pilot).

Swapna: And it seems like the First Order’s presence on the base will really be the catalyst for that to happen. They might all have different motivations, but no one on the team likes the First Order.

Also! The bird and the pig made another brief appearance, and they are the best?

Preeti: I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They are so weird and funny? And it just makes me happy when they’re on screen? Also, that lil’ janitor dude? Was so cute??? With his giant head????? The character design on this show is so fun and pleasing to the eye.

Star Wars Resistance Episode 8 Bird and Pig

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Swapna: We mentioned this in our first recaps, but this show is just so pretty. I love the aliens, I love the bright colors, I love the animation style.

Preeti: The sequence of Synara and Tam just walking along one of the docks was a gorgeous piece of animation.

Swapna: So we have just a few episodes to go before the show goes on break (whether for another half of a season or for the second season, we’re not sure). The show has matured a lot already from where it started. What do you hope for before the end of the season/half season?

Preeti: There’s a moment in this episode where Yeager’s instincts are coming out -- he’s questioning the timing of the pirate attack and the ace pilots being gone and the defenses being down. I want to see more of that, more strategy coming into play and Yeager taking a more aggressive role in terms of mentorship and honestly, mattering to the plot. I think that character could have such an important impact on the story if they’d let us go on the journey with him. What about you?

Swapna: Ooh, I hadn’t thought of that but I think that’s great. Yeager feels like such a reluctant leader, I’d love to see him step into that role more.

I think I want to see more ensemble episodes. Even if the team isn’t aware of Kaz’s mission as a spy, none of them are fans of the First Order. With the promise of them arriving on base in the next episode or two, I’d love to see the entire team working together to figure out what the Order’s motivations are and perhaps how they are connected to the pirates. I have a feeling if Doza knew that the pirates were financed by the First Order, he’d change his tune on working with them pretty fast.

Preeti: Yeah, I’m looking forward to a big information dump on all these characters, ha! The slow burn of getting to realizations can only go on for so long!

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