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Star Wars Resistance's 'The Triple Dark' offers an alternate spy story

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Oct 14, 2018, 10:33 PM EDT

And we’re back with Episode 2 of Star Wars: Resistance, “The Triple Dark!” We’re starting to see the plot a little more clearly. In this episode, Kaz and BB-8 uncover an imminent pirate attack and must stop it before it’s too late. We also get to see Kaz come one step closer to becoming the spy Poe needs him to be.

Swapna: The way the First Order hangs over this episode is similar to the behind-the-scenes threat it poses to the galaxy. I loved the framing, that the episode begins with Kaz wondering how exactly he’s supposed to be uncovering information on the First Order and ends with Phasma (HI GWENDOLYN CHRISTIE) revealing that the First Order is actually allied with the pirates.

Preeti: Yes! I was, admittedly, getting a little frustrated on Kaz’s behalf because I wanted to know, too! How was he supposed to uncover anything about the First Order and fake being a mechanic, when we don’t even know why Poe put him on this base.

Swapna: I totally agree — I love that this show is giving a side to the spy story that we don’t normally see. Kaz isn’t a spy by trade. He wants to help the Resistance, but he has no idea where to start. That is the situation pretty much any of us would face if we were thrust into the narrative like this as well.

Preeti: I still enjoy seeing him flail and fumble, but I’m glad we got to see him have a real win in this episode. We see what Poe clearly saw in him, a good instinct, and the ability to keep going even when the odds seem too high.

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Swapna: And a thing I forgot to mention in our last recap: I love the fact that Poe left BB-8 with Kaz. It ties us to the main movie storyline in a really effortless and fun way, plus more BB-8 is always better.

Preeti: More BB-8 all the time! He’s like a friendly R2-D2 and can work well with almost anybody. It’s a joy to see him and Kaz bonding. I “awwwwed” out loud when Kaz said, “You’re right, we do make a good team.”

Swapna: I think I need to disclose that I’m R2-D2 and you’re BB-8 because I am pretty much a mean version of you.

Preeti: Just call me Pree-Pree-8 (I’m so sorry).

Swapna: Does that make me R2-Swap2? (Not as sorry as I am.)

Preeti: We are both bordering on C-3PO right now. So back to the recap! I was THRILLED to see my favorite Bird and Pig again. 

Swapna: The cast of characters, and colorful aliens, just keeps getting better and better in this show.

Preeti: It does, I’m excited to see more from the pirates, and from the pilots. Between the two groups, we got way more women speaking in this episode! One other thing I wanted to talk about was Kaz’s trophy and what it represents. It’s his lucky charm, it seems to be some kind of rare, expensive material, and he won it going against his father’s orders. It’s clearly a Big Deal, and I can’t wait to see how this thing comes back and impacts the plot. (Or maybe it won’t, and it’s just a trophy. But it felt very Big Deal.)

Swapna: For sure! I appreciated how the trophy reminded us of Kaz’s privileged background, but also what he gave up to work for the Resistance. He’s a good egg.

I also liked seeing more of the ships and the tech in this episode. This was a really good mix of laying character and setting groundwork while also telling a fun and relevant story, which is really hard to do in one 20-minute episode.

Preeti: I was actually surprised by how much they packed in. The lead-in of Kaz struggling with balancing his two roles of mechanic and spy could have been a single episode, but then to add in the pirates attacking the base and Kaz saving the day was more than I expected. It gave us so much in terms of characterization and story.

Swapna: We also got some background on how the general public feels about the Resistance which is... not great. They think the Resistance is basically fear-mongering.

Preeti: But it fleshes out what we sort of assume from the movies.

Swapna: And isn’t it what we learn in Bloodline by Claudia Gray as well?

Preeti: So this is an interesting moment where we, because we’ve experienced all three pieces of Star Wars media, can pull pieces together, but because they wrote the plot point in a way that didn’t feel redundant someone watching this (and not having read the book, or maybe even having seen the movies) wouldn’t feel lost, but even having read and watched, it doesn’t feel like they’re repeating themselves.

Swapna: Yes! One of my big hopes about the vastly expanding Star Wars universe is that the different pieces will be able to exist on their own. And it was a criticism I had about Rebels — as much as I enjoyed the show, as it progressed, it got harder and harder to understand if you hadn’t seen Clone Wars. But so far, Resistance is standing on its own two feet. They’re doing a great job balancing the larger plot with the smaller day-to-day stuff that Kaz is facing. I hope they continue in that vein.

Preeti: Yeah, only time will tell. I was a little taken aback by how quickly we see Phasma, but I am very intrigued to see where the partnership goes and why they’re so interested in this base.

Swapna: I totally agree. I’m very curious to see exactly what the First Order wants from the Colossus and what they’re going to do to get it. Because I have little doubt they’re going to be ruthless, but then again, how much can they do when they’re still operating in the shadows? I think this season is going to give us a lot of interesting insight into how the First Order was operating during this period.

Preeti: Agreed! And I cannot wait to see where they take us next week. See you all then!

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