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Star Wars Star Destroyers are invading landmarks around the world — here’s how to score a virtual peek

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Aug 30, 2017

The Empire is striking back — on your smartphone, at least.

Disney is gearing up for a massive Star Wars merchandising bonanza on Sept. 1 for Force Friday II, when it’ll unveil a slew of new products and bust out a series of on-site promo events in the run-up to December’s The Last Jedi release.

Part of that blitz includes a nifty new stunt: At key landmarks around the world, fans can now see virtual Star Destroyers in the sky by using their smartphones, Disney and Lucasfilm announced Wednesday.

Here’s how it’ll work: Fans near one of 20 locations can download the Star Wars app and, after launching it, point their phones toward the sky. On the screen, they’ll then see a Star Destroyer hovering above while two TIE Fighters zip by.

These are the landmarks where you can score a peek:

Central Park, USA
CN Tower, Canada
Coca-Cola London Eye, UK
Copacabana Beach, Brazil
Eiffel Tower, France
Gamla Stan, Sweden
Golden Gate Bridge, USA
Gran Via, Spain
Grand Canyon, USA
Ha'Penney Bridge, Ireland
Hollywood Sign, USA
Lumpini Park, Thailand
Memorial de America Latina, Brazil
Merlion Park, Singapore
Niagara Falls, Canada
Piazza del Duomo, Italy
Schloss Charlottenburg, Germany
Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia
Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong
Yoyogi Park, Japan

It’s all part of a huge augmented-reality campaign by Disney and Lucasfilm that is encouraging fans to unlock Star Wars content via their smartphones and handheld devices.

And from Friday through Sunday, the Star Wars juggernaut will also kick off a Find the Force augmented-reality treasure hunt during which fans can visit more than 20,000 retailers worldwide and “discover” virtual characters at those stores. As a bonus, they’ll also be able to see, on their smartphones, a previously unrevealed character from The Last Jedi.

As one nefarious Star Wars baddie might put it: Impressive!

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