Star Wars, Stargate and 15 more fan petitions that tried to change sci-fi

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Sep 20, 2013

If there’s anything the Internet has done, it’s democratized the power of the people. One entertaining side effect? Petitions.

If there’s something you don’t like, or want to see changed, there’s typically a petition for that. If not, go start one. But be warned — the quality might vary. Greatly. Some causes are more legitimate (and serious) than others, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with them.

Petitions pop up pretty often these days, be it to save a show or change a casting decision (we’re looking at you, Affleck). So we’ve tracked down 17 of the most interesting and strange sci-fi-related petitions out there.

Check out the list below, and let us know which cause you'd get behind.

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