Star Wars: The Force Awakens script reveals Luke details, the pull of the Dark Side

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Dec 17, 2018, 5:00 PM EST (Updated)

Sure, we’ve all seen the movie a few times now — but now the script for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has trickled out, offering a few more details on some of the film’s lingering mysteries.

Obviously, major spoilers ahead for The Force Awakens!

The Dark Side: The team at /Film has dug into a copy of the script that was sent of to members of the Writers Guild of America for awards consideration, and it provides some interesting intel. One of the biggest: Rey apparently feels the pull of the Dark Side when she defeats Kylo Ren, as she is on the verge of just killing him during that battle in the snowy woods. Here’s the choice excerpt: “And she could kill him — right now, with ONE VICIOUS STRIKE! But she stops. Realizing she stands on a greater edge than even the cliff — the edge of the dark side. The earth SHAKES. The earth splits. A gully forms.” Might Rey continue battling the pull in the next film?

Han's Death: The script also includes some additional information about Kylo Ren’s heartbreaking murder of his father, Han Solo. Though the scene plays out with Ren obviously conflicted by his decision to kill Han, the script explains it a bit differently: “Kylo Ren is somehow WEAKENED by this wicked act,” and “horrified” at what he’d done. That shock is only shaken when Chewbacca cries out in anguish and shoots him. Hmm, that’s definitely interesting — and it seems the conflict within Kylo Ren is something we’ll almost certainly see explored in the next film. Could there estill be hope for him?

Luke and Rey: Last but not least: The script provides a bit more context about that wordless, final scene where Rey delivers Luke’s lightsaber to him. Here’s an excerpt from /Film’s report on that final moment, on the gorgeous island planet of AHCH-TO:

The script describes Luke Skywalker as being older now, with white hair and a beard. It says that he looks at Rey with a “kindness in his eyes, but there’s something tortured, too.” Most interestingly, it says that Luke “doesn’t need to ask her who she is, or what she is doing here.” Does this mean that he knows Rey is his child? Or does this mean that he knows because of the Force? The script only adds that “his look says it all.”

After Rey pulls Luke’s lightsaber from her pack, the script describes her holding it out to him as “An offer. A plea. The galaxy’s only hope.” And of course the script ends on “HOLD ON LUKE SKYWALKER’S INCREDIBLE FACE, amazed and conflicted at what he sees, as our MUSIC BUILDS, the promise of an adventure, just beginning…” It’s interesting that the script says Luke is both amazed and conflicted.

It obviously doesn’t answer any big questions, but it’s interesting to see how they explain the moment between Luke and Rey. How does Luke know her? What’s the history there? Can Episode VIII get here any sooner?

We’ve already gone over the best theories out there, but what do you think of The Force Awakens’ big mysteries?

(Via /Film)