Star Wars: The Last Jedi props and costumes reveal new details at NYCC

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Oct 6, 2017, 8:24 AM EDT

Star Wars fans attending New York Comic Con this weekend have a special treat. Tucked near the back corner of the convention floor is the Walt Disney Studios booth, which as it turns out was really reserved for Lucasfilm to show off Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Now, there aren't any major spoilers or plot developments given away here. After all, Lucasfilm is notoriously secretive and careful with anything of the sort. However, there are a lot of detailed looks at props and costumes, like the weapons of the Elite Praetorian Guard, the Resistance's standard-issue reconnaisance gear, and more.

New official descriptions accompany the props, including a description of the Praetorian Guard that flat-out says not only that they "serve as Supreme Leader Snoke's personal protectors," but also that their "striking red armor [is] meant to evoke memories of the Emperor's Royal Guard."

And if you're wondering, the Resistance Pilot gear says "Pull to Inflate" in Aurebesh, the written language of Star Wars, upside-down so it's readable to the pilot, in case of rough water landings.

Check out the full gallery of items at the official Star Wars booth, plus a bonus look at a life-size replica of BB-9E from Sphero's booth, where they're selling the toy versions of the new First Order droid.