Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser posters get the LEGO treatment

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:27 AM EDT (Updated)

The long wait for the next Star Wars film can be painful to endure. We hang on any morsel we can get, any tie-in we can overreact to, and anything else that can get us geeking out. Then there is LEGO, who can help ease the painful wait by just getting us in a good mood. Take the new teaser posters for The Last Jedi, which were released in mid-July at the D23 Expo. 

LEGO has now taken those same posters and LEGO-fied them, giving us six posters with LEGO mini-figure art that corresponds to those D23 posters. Again, repeating the crimson robe attire, echoing the red we saw on the first poster and also the ruby red mineral base of planet Crait. There’s no telling yet whether these posters are just part of Lego’s social media campaign or if these posters will be part of their gift with purchase program for VIP Lego Club members. 

This also gives us a preview of what these figures are going to look like in The Last Jedi-Lego tie-in releases and inevitable LEGO Last Jedi video game that will likely drop on or after December 15. Check out the gallery below.