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Star Wars Weekly: Boba Fett is dead and Star Wars officially makes money for Disney

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Nov 2, 2018, 12:35 PM EDT (Updated)

Time again for STAR WARS WEEKLY, the SYFY WIRE series that rounds up the most important news of the week from a galaxy far, far away. Think of us as your own personal Star Wars Holocron.


It's been six years to the week since Disney shelled out more than $4 billion in cash and stock to acquire Lucasfilm, including every bit of Star Wars and, according to CNBC, the four released Star Wars films have grossed more than that. But when you add in all of the sales of everything else, the merchandise, the television shows, and pending park deals, it's even more successful.

Disney should be pleased with its performance, too. Their stock has risen more than 120% in the six years since the Lucasfilm acquisition.

It was a smart move on Disney's part.

Let's just hope they keep putting the same tender, loving care into the franchise that they have been and there's no reason for that streak to stop.

You can read more about it at CNBC.


A new, surprise Star Wars cartoon was announced over the weekend and started getting released on Monday.

LEGO Star Wars: All Stars is a hilarious look at the Star Wars galaxy from the creators of the LEGO Star Wars: Freemaker Adventures.

Watch the first installment now!

And let's be honest: anything starring the Battle Droid Roger is worth your time, and these bite-sized shorts are chock full of him.


Boba Fett is dead.

You read that right.

I mean, not only does he appear to be dead in a galaxy far, far away after his tumble into the Great Pit of Carkoon, but Kathleen Kennedy has also axed a movie that was to focus on his life.

Erick Weber's story was later verified by Deadline. But while it might be true that a Boba Fett movie might be dead for the moment, it might not be dead forever.

That particular project has never even really been publicly talked about. It's long thought that Josh Trank was working on a Boba Fett film, though no details were ever made official. Not too long ago, it was reported that James Mangold was attached to be directing a film that might have been a Boba Fett movie, but that was never confirmed for certain either.

One thing's for sure: all of our action for characters in Mandalorian armor is going to be coming to us in the short term on The Mandalorian and the new season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


Women of the Galaxy came out this last week and to commemorate its release, SYFY WIRE organized a roundtable with author Amy Ratcliffe and voice actors Vanessa Marshall and Cat Taber. You can watch the whole thing here:

If you still need more, I interviewed the author for SYFY to talk about the book and got a sneak peek at some of the art. It documents many of the woman characters to be found across all facets of the Star Wars canon and has brilliant essays written by Amy to accompany all of the incredible new art. The book is out and you can get it wherever books are sold.


So, apparently, it was a thing that people thought Willow and Star Wars might have coexisted in the same universe. I suppose anything is possible. And there's nothing to say that there aren't planets in the Star Wars galaxy that are at the relative level of technology we see in Willow.

According to MentalFloss, Ron Howard put that rumor to rest saying that he'd never thought that was the case, but more importantly George Lucas never thought that was the case either.


The popular Netflix show Stranger Things has an obsession with pop culture, though most of it is from the '80s, when the show is set. For Halloween, most of the assembled cast decided that Star Wars was the thing to dress as.

We're here for it:

Until next week, May the Force Be With You!

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