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Star Wars Weekly: New Clone Wars episodes and Solo on Blu-ray

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Jul 20, 2018, 1:22 PM EDT (Updated)

Time again for Star Wars Weekly, the SYFY WIRE series that rounds up the most important news of the week from a galaxy far, far away. Think of us as your own personal Star Wars Holocron.


The biggest news this week came from the 10th Anniversary panel of The Clone Wars at San Diego Comic-Con. We're getting new episodes of The Clone Wars. The news came during a panel everyone thought would be filled with nothing but reminiscing about a show long thought canceled before its time. No one expected that we'd be getting more. And certainly no one expected that we'd get a trailer:

The thing I'm most excited to see is the Siege of Mandalore, which has only been hinted about in the canon, most notably in E.K. Johnston's wonderful Ahsoka. To see The Clone Wars become current with Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and see Ahsoka's travails in getting through the Jedi purge might be one of the most exciting untold stories left in this era.

There's no word on when this twelve episode run will begin, but we do know that it will be premiering on Disney's yet-to-be-titled streaming service.


Solo: A Star Wars Story is coming to home video markets and the details are out, along with a new trailer.

We're getting eight deleted or extended scenes, a number of behind the scenes featurettes, including a roundtable among cast and crew, and other features. The film comes out on September 14 for digital and September 25 on physical media.

The deleted scene I'm most excited for is the one at the Imperial Academy at Carida, where Han gets bounced from pilot to mud jumper. It's supposed to include the cameos of Tag and Bink and is a pivotal moment in the life of Han Solo. The thing I'm most disappointed by for this release is a lack of director's commentary and a full-length documentary about the process. I think that should be a mandatory bonus feature on new Star Wars films as they make it to home video release. I'd also love comprehensive Making Of books in the mode of JW Rinzler's for them as well, but I think the closest we'll get at the moment are Phil Szostak's wonderful Art Of books.


As ever, Luke Skywalker's treatment in Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the subject of much debate. While there are those that still haven't come to terms with it, others have been doing some great analysis on the character. Twitter user @RadicalBytes put together this thread that should be a must-read for those holdouts who still have a problem with director Rian Johnson's take on Luke.

Between that thread and the piece I tweeted then wrote up for SYFY WIRE, it makes it very hard to argue that the Luke Skywalker we saw in The Last Jedi is somehow wrong or against his character from the previous films.

One of the most difficult things about coming to terms about our heroes and deities is the knowledge that they're flawed and human, just like we are. They continue to struggle and learn from their mistakes, and not always in the time frame you might want them to. Sometimes those lessons sink in quickly, other times they need to spend a few years at the site of the first Jedi Temple all by themselves.


Don't count on it.

Kevin Smith fueled a bunch of speculation about how it might work and then people wrote pages and pages of articles about how Han could be brought back, but it's obvious that Smith's initial tweet was tongue in cheek. Or at least tongue in J.J. Abrams's mouth:

When you hear takes like this, realize it's just nerds like us thinking out loud. Then the media takes those stories and spin possibilities out of them with headlines like, "Could Han return to Episode IX?" even though they know that's about as far from possible as George Lucas coming back to direct it.

So, use some common sense when consuming Star Wars news and don't always believe the headlines.


And for those of you in San Diego for Comic-Con, don't miss the show exclusive merchandise.

Hasbro sent me a preview of their exclusives and I have to say that they're bloody gorgeous:

Doctor Aphra and her droids have been all over my office, posing with every other toy I've got laying around. My only disappointment is that the set is an SDCC exclusive. There should be one of these sets in every household. Aphra on her own, though, will be available in stores sooner or later, but I imagine she'll be scarce and you'll be lucky to find her in your local shops.

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