Star Trek actress reveals Spock was supposed to have become a daddy

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Dec 16, 2012

As a Vulcan Starfleet officer, Spock has been many things over the character's 45 years of existence: He has been a science officer, a trusted friend, a captain, a beloved mentor and an ambassador. But a daddy? Well, a Star Trek actress just revealed that it almost happened!

Actress Robin Curtis, who played Lt. Saavik on Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and made a very short appearance on Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (the character of Saavik was originally played by Kirstie Alley in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) made the startling revelation in an interview with Star

She also talked about how Saavik was originally groomed for much more than what we actually got to see in the three films the character appeared in.

When asked why Lt. Saavik barely made a blip on the radar in Star Trek IV, Curtis said :

That was just such a weird left curve, to be honest. Given what had happened with Kirstie Alley, they negotiated for each film after the third, for the fourth, the fifth and the sixth. For somebody who's 28 years old and had never made than a few bucks a year, that's quite an event, to have a contract that provided for three films in years to come. Then, weeks and weeks before the filming (on Star Trek IV) was to begin—and the contract would then be void, because it had a timeframe on it—my people were reaching out to Paramount, saying, "What's going on?" They wouldn't say anything. They wouldn't reveal. They kept putting us off. That, of course, raised a flag. "Something's not right. This character isn't being groomed. They will not be following the storyline that we had been led to think they would," which was that Saavik would be pregnant and there'd be this whole connection between her and Spock. Lo and behold, all this hope that there might be greater involvement for the character turned into those few lines.

When asked if there was even more, even if it was just on paper, Curtis said :

It was just slightly more than that and then it got ratcheted down to even less when the shooting actually occurred. I do think there were a couple of lines that might have hinted that something was going on with her, and those were eliminated. So I handed over the disk and simply wished him a journey free of incident, and that was it. That was such a comedown from where they had led me to think it would go.

Curtis—who also appeared as the Romulan Tallera in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes "Gambit, I and II"—also discussed the hinted-at-but-never-really-explored Romulan origins of the character.

My understanding was that Kirstie Alley and (Khan writer-director) Nicholas Meyer wanted Saavik to be Vulcan and Romulan and he directed her to include elements of both. And the books may have elaborated on that. I'm aware of the argument about the books, in general: Are they or aren't they official, or canon? But in the case of Star Trek III and Saavik, it really didn't matter. Leonard felt that Saavik was Vulcan. That was his choice, and his choice was my choice. I played Saavik the way he asked me to play her. My job as the actress is to do what my director wants, and that's what I did.

What do you think? Are you surprised about Robin Curtis' revelations?

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