Star Trek fans overwhelm Star Wars fans in NASA shuttle vote

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

NASA has created the clever Space Rock program that lets the public vote on what song shuttle astronauts flying on mission STS-133 will wake up to.

As they put it, "The wakeup song has been a part of the space program since the days of the Apollo missions, and now NASA is giving you two chances to be a part of this history! We need your help selecting wakeup songs to be played during the final missions of the Space Shuttle Program!"

To what should be exactly no one's surprise, the Star Trek theme song by Alexander Courage is leading the pack with nearly 400,000 votes. What's actually somewhat surprising though is that lagging behind in a distant sixth place is the theme from Star Wars, written by John Williams, which had an insignificant 12,661 votes the last time we checked.

Our guess is that this all stems from George Lucas' egregious misuse of the term "parsecs" in the original Star Wars film, which we're sure many NASA lovers will never forgive. And, oh yeah, NASA did name a shuttle "Enterprise" and not "Ackbarprise," so Star Trek does have the home-field advantage.

If you're interested in voting, you can find the vote page here.

(via English Online Free)