Star Trek Phase II video restores the pre-Abrams timeline

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Dec 14, 2012

Not satisfied with how J.J. Abrams created a new, alternate timeline in 2009's Star Trek? Well, the guys behind the web series Star Trek Phase II have decided to take matters into their own hands and change things back to the way they were by restoring the beloved Prime timeline in this cool (and funny) video featurette.

The short video just premiered at FedCon, in Germany. But don't take it too seriously, as series creator, James Cawley (who also gets to play Capt. Kirk in all the Star Trek Phase II episodes) says that the featurette was "just a bit of fun for the purists."

A fan-made series created in 2003, Star Trek Phase II is a continuation of the original Star Trek TV series and is set in the fourth year of the starship Enterprise's five-year mission.


(via Comic Book Movie and Trek Movie)

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