Star Trek: Voyager star reveals: 'I cannot stand William Shatner'

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Dec 15, 2012

Everyone knows that meeting one of your idols can sometimes lead to a majorly disappointing life experience. And so it was for Star Trek: Voyager actor Garrett Wang, who finally got to meet Capt. Kirk himself, William Shatner. And, unfortunately, it left a very bitter aftertaste for the actor.

Wang, who played the young and wide-eyed Ensign Harry Kim on seven seasons of Voyager, is well known for his many, many appearances on the convention circuit—and he's never been one to hold back when it's time to say it exactly like it is.

And so this past weekend, when the Comikaze Expo made its debut at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Wang spoke up about his first meeting with the legendary Capt. James T. Kirk himself, William Shatner, which Wang reveals took place last year. (Yeah, you'd think they would have met before that.)

According to Trek News, Wang told the crowd:

"I was at the Tulsa Trek Expo, I was in the green room, so this is a backstage room where only the actors are. So I walked up to him and said 'Mr. Shatner, I finally get to meet you.' [Shatner's handshake] was limp-wristed, he gave me this, like he was the Queen of England or something. So he gives me that, then in the middle of the handshake, he looks away, then he pulls his hand away and he wipes it off on his shirt, right in front of me."

Ouch! Then the Star Trek actor said:

"All I saw was red. You know what? God help me, I want to punch his fat belly right now. I was so mad. I want to tell you guys, I love Captain Kirk, but I fricken' cannot stand William Shatner. I'm gonna say that right now. That is no way to treat someone."

Garrett Wang then spoke up about Shatner's attitude toward his Trek fans, saying that the man could at least make eye contact with people who've payed $90 to get his autograph: "Without the [Star Trek] fans here, there would be nothing. It's you guys that make this thing roll."

Do you guys agree with Garrett Wang? Have you ever met William Shatner and lived to tell about it?

(via Trek Web)

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