Capt. Kirk goes from stud to spud as new Mr. Potato Head toy

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Dec 14, 2012

Attention Star Trek fans and collectors—to your wallets! PPW Toys is about to release Mr. Potato Head versions of beloved Star Trek TOS characters, starting with the great Shat himself, Captain James T. Kirk, and his good ol' pal (OK, make that enemy), the Klingon Kor.

According to Toyexplosion, the Star Trek line of Mr. Potato Head figures (which will also include lines for The Wizard of Oz and The Three Stooges) will be released at Toy Fair 2011.

But what about the rest of the original starship Enterprise crew? Don't worry! Not only will we get to play with Captain Kirk and Kor, but we'll also get the chance to play with other characters as well, allowing for a full-blast Star Trek experience.

This is what says about the line:

PPW Toys will release Star Trek Mr. Potato Head collectible figures in a series of TOS-centric sets, and they'll kick it off with Captain Kirk—going from stud to spud—and his old Klingon foe, Kor. Subsequent sets will include Mr. Spock and Lt. Uhura, for example, and they may also feature familiar TOS equipment and Enterprise components.

So can you see any resemblance to the great Shat? (Just really squint a lot—it helps.) And will you be getting these toys? Or will you hold off for a Star Trek: The Next Generation edition with Captain Jean-Luc Picard?

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