Star Trek's Zachary Quinto wants back on American Horror Story

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Dec 16, 2012

Star Trek's own Mr. Spock, actor Zachary Quinto, has recently admitted that he'd love to be on the second season of American Horror Story. Is that a resounding ''Heck, yeah!'' we hear?

We don't know about you, but we think American Horror Story was, without a doubt, one of the best, most engrossing genre series of 2011.

The ''little horror show that could'' gave us plenty of thrills and chills and offered jaw-dropping twists aplenty—as well as some gruesome horror—and it found success with critics and viewers alike.

So it was no surprise that the FX series was quickly renewed for a second season.

While executive producer Ryan Murphy has confirmed that the second season would feature a completely new storyline with a new set of characters, both he and FX President and General Manager John Landgraf have revealed that some of the season-one cast members could return in different roles.

Zachary Quinto, who was bloody effin' awesome on AHS (and in that skin-tight rubber suit, no less) and whose Halloween-loving, gay character Chad only appeared in a few—but highly memorable—episodes, has told E! Online that he'd love to return:

"I had an amazing time and I only did four episodes of the season, so it was just a little bit of an appetizer for me. I would love to work more."

Quinto then added, "We'll see what happens! Next season could get turned on its head completely, but I would love to continue work on that. It was a great experience."

Would you love to see Zachary Quinto return on American Horror Story?