Star Wars fan creates homemade plush lightsabers

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Dec 14, 2012

We normally wouldn't recommend putting a lightsaber into the hands of a 1-year-old kid, but a crafty Star Wars fan has found a way to convince us otherwise!

GirlNamedEd sewed these plushie lightsabers for her godson's first birthday because the boy's dad is a fan of Star Wars ... and especially Darth Vader. As you can see, they've been labeled Lil' Luke and Lil' Vader, so we know who'll be wielding which when they get to bopping each other.

However ... as much as we love these and wish we had some of our own, since we all know how the whole Luke/Darth thing turned out, let's hope this doesn't give the kid the wrong idea about how he's supposed to deal with Dad in the future.

(via GirlNamedEd )