Star Wars fans want to raise $10k to save Uncle Owen's Tunisian home

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

There are charities for every political, religious, medical and social cause. Feel like saving the ocean? Give to Greenpeace. Want to help science fiction writers? Give to the SFWA emergency medical fund. Want to save Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru's home from the ravages of the Jundland Wastes? Read on.

Mark Dermul, a tour guide who specializes in the Star Wars sites of Tunisia, is spearheading a project to restore the structure used as the Lars' homestead, which has been damaged over time by the harsh Tunisian climate. He and his team need your financial backing.

According to the Save the Lars Homestead site:

The plan is to go back, fully armed with the needed tools and plaster, with a small group of Pioneers (the four founders of the group) for a full week sometime in 2011 or 2012 - depending on how fast we can get the funds together to make this happen.

Dermul and his team will accept donations from $2 (which gives you the honorific "womp rat") and above. A donation of $45 or more will include Dermul's book location photos, Tatooine Reunion.

Keep in mind that the restorers plan to work on the dome only, located in Nefta. The inner courtyard is located in Matmata, a little over 150 miles away; the awesome inner courtyard is currently a hotel—but even diehard Star Wars fans recommend you don't spend the night, as it doesn't have electricity.

Note: As Wikitravel would tell you, now is not the best time to visit Tunisia. Keep that in mind before you hop on a plane to see the stand-in for Tattooine yourselves.

For more information on Star Wars tourism in Tunisia, see The Star Wars Traveler.