Star Wars Galaxies customer support bloopers

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

The not-safe-for-work blog Regretful Morning has posted a safe-for-work article titled "8 Confessions of a Star Wars Galaxies Customer Support Representative."

The site's founder, who goes only by "Jason," used to work at Sony helping irate players of the Star Wars-themed online RPG.

He shares some amusing anecdotes including the following potentially cataclysmic mishap:

A rep from India decided he would speed up the process by teleporting the player back to a planet. I guess he wasn't thinking that if he did this, there would be an unpiloted ship flying around, but something much much worse happened. When he targetted the player, he actually targeted the entire Yavin 4 space station (mass wise one of the biggest items in the database). He then executed the teleport command and *poof* the entire space station was planted in the middle of Naboo.

Way to do that Naboo voodoo that you do so well! I can only hope it landed on Jar Jar.

However, my favorite of Jason's anecdotes isn't anything unique to Star Wars: Galaxies and has to do with Ritalin. Say what you will about outsourcing, but you can't deny it makes for plenty of entertaining cross-cultural confusion!