Star Wars kid is the decade's top Internet 'meme'

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

The Star Wars kid was picked as the top "Internet meme" of the decade by the Washington Post's Web Hostess Monica Hesse, and you can view the original video below.

Here's why Hesse picked it:

What I like about Star Wars kid is that he represents so much of what currently makes the YouTube side of the Internet great. He was an average kid, doing an average thing that somehow became hilarious and transcendent. He immediately became a cultural reference point, and he couldn't escape his own fame. We got a rise and fall, and something very mesmerizing and pure.

The video, as we all know by now, depicts a 14-year-old French-Canadian high-school student, who filmed himself wielding a golf-ball retriever like a lightsaber. The video was one of the most popular videos on the Internet in 2003 and has more than 15 million views. And counting.

FWIW, here's the rest of Hesse's list:

2. LOL Cats
3. Rickrolling
4. Chocolate Rain
5. Evolution of Dance
6. LonelyGirl15
7. All Your Base Are Belong to Us
8. Leave Brittney Alone
9. Obama Girl
10. Chris Brown Wedding Entrance Dance
11. Hitler's Downfall

Do you agree/disagree? What are your picks?

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