Star Wars on your iPhone? George Lucas is OK with that

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

George Lucas films are rarely small. We're talking about a guy who's the master of spacefleet combat, who often uses entire planets as backdrops and who has created some of the most massive spaceships ever to appear on film. That's why we're a little surprised that, as a filmmaker, he doesn't mind where you watch his films, even on the relatively tiny iPhone screen.

According the Mashable Web site, Lucas was pretty blase about the whole concept at the World Business Forum:

George Lucas was asked if he's comfortable with people watching his movies on the iPhone. His response: absolutely. He doesn't particularly care about how you watch a movie (he's happy if you watch a movie on the iPhone), but the best experience is still the movie theater.

Lucas also isn't too worried about the run time of traditional movies either, which is why he likes the DVD format:

On the same note, he said he's making films currently for DVDs because he isn't restricted to a specific time length. He just adapts what he creates for the small screen.

Makes sense for a guy who said he made the new Star Wars films in San Francisco so he had easy access to the technology people over in Silicon Valley instead of worrying about being near Hollywood.