Star Wars' original Boba Fett chimes in on the Disney/Lucas deal

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

With a new Star Wars film finally in the works, everyone from former castmates to aspiring directors are rumored to be getting in on the fun. So what does the man behind everyone's favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett, think of the news?

Actor Jeremy Bulloch brought the badass, rocket-pack-wearing antihero to life in the original trilogy, though he didn't voice the masked character. The 67-year-old said he's psyched to hear that the franchise is coming back to life, and he'd love to be involved.

He told Unleash the Fanboy:

"Obviously it came as quite a shock to everybody, there must have only been a few people who knew about it, but I think in general it really came as a surprise. I always felt that there was more of a story to tell after Return of the Jedi, and always hoped that they would go back and do an Episode VII. I hope it really is good, and that they go back and capture that WOW factor that made the trilogy so great.

... Realistically I'm sure if Boba Fett were to return they would go with someone younger, but I'm still fit and can jump around. I'd love to be involved in some way, maybe a cameo as an aging Bounty Hunter in the corner somewhere."

Obviously, it's great to see Bulloch's enthusiasm. But since the character sported a mask, you'd have to think Disney would bring in a younger actor for the role from an action standpoint (if he's even a part of the sequel plans).

But we'd love to see Bulloch pop up in some type of cameo. Combine this with reports that Harrison Ford is open to coming back as Han Solo and it's starting to look like Star Wars VII could be the throwback flick we've been waiting for all these years.

The full interview is well worth a read.

What do you think? Would you like to see Boba Fett back in some capacity?

(Via Unleash the Fanboy)