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Starbuck's new Zombie Frappuccino is designed to look like rotting flesh and brains

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Oct 26, 2017, 4:38 PM EDT (Updated)

Halloween is just a few days away and Starbucks is jumping on the spooky bandwagon with a limited edition Zombie Frappuccino that is only available for the next five days. Die-hard Romero and Walking Dead fans (or just cannibals in general) may be disappointed to hear that the extremely sugary drink (58 grams of sugar is in a Grande alone) does not actually taste like human flesh or brain matter. 

The full list of ingredients can be found on the company's website, but the concoction is essentially meant to be flavored like a caramel apple and resemble the bloody and mottled green skin of a decaying, undead corpse, all topped with a swirl of pink whipped cream that actually (and eerily) does look like a brain...at least in the promotional photos.

Here's what the world of social media had to say on the subject:

Just like the recent and brightly-colored Unicorn Frapp, which caused a splash with consumers this past spring, the undead variation is on course to do the same, especially since it's only here for such a short and festive window.

In addition to the Zombie Frapp, Starbucks released a Halloween playlist on Spotify and is including Halloween-themed confections like Mummy Cake Pops and Mexican Day of the Dead cookies

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