Stare down a massive Martian horde in a new John Carter TV spot

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Dec 16, 2012

The closer we get to John Carter's March 9 release date, the more we see of it, and we haven't gotten even close to sick of that yet. A new TV spot for director Andrew Stanton's sci-fi epic has just hit, and this time it's all about the battle.

Sadly, because it's a TV spot, we're left with only 30 seconds of footage to feast on, and a good deal of it is stuff we've already seen in other trailers. But hey, it's all about perception, and if you've been trying to convince your friends to see this flick with you, this is the spot you show them if you need to prove to them that John Carter has action.

We begin with Taylor Kitsch (Carter) leaping into a charging horde of Martians to battle with them solo, then move on through the arena sequence we've come to look forward to so much. There are basically only three (brief) lines of dialogue in the whole spot. The rest is battle, battle, battle, all set in Stanton's sweeping CG-driven Martian landscape. What's not to like about that?

Check out the spot for yourself and rejoice that we're less than two months away from all this alien awesomeness.

(via Movie Web)