Stargate Atlantis star tried, failed, to buy and revive franchise following TV cancellations

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Apr 25, 2018, 4:48 PM EDT

When the Stargate franchise went off the air in 2011, at least one star wasn’t content to let it lie — and almost succeeded in bringing it back to life. Atlantis star Joe Flanigan made a push to rescue the brand from MGM’s pending bankruptcy, but the deal apparently fell through following a change in leadership at the studio.

Flanigan, who starred as John Sheppard on Atlantis, recounted his failed bid to buy the Stargate brand at the recent Objectif Festival, as reported by Gateworld. Flanigan said he assembled a team of investors who were working on a tentative deal with MGM to “lease” the franchise (after MGM declined to sell it outright) to keep it alive with a new television series or film.

“We made tentative arrangements for that, with the numbers and everything,” he said. “And we looked at [the Czech Republic] as a place to shoot. Then they went bankrupt. When they reorganized under bankruptcy I approached a whole new group of people — and they didn’t want to do anything.”

So what shape might his resurrected Stargate series have taken? Flanigan says he planned to launch a new title that would’ve combined “some guys from SG-1 [and] some guys from Atlantis.” From there, they would’ve used those familiar cast members to anchor the concept and introduce some new heroes. Put simply, it sounds like Flanigan was pitching a “master series” that would’ve combined pieces from all the series, which at the time, would’ve likely been a wise move to appeal to fans of the various shows.

Sadly, it obviously never came to be — and fans are still waiting for a full-fledged Stargate comeback. The restructured MGM recently gave fans a tease with the period-set Stargate Origins web series, which was a fun romp but still lacked the punch of a full-on film or TV series. It likely won’t be what Flanigan had in mind at the time, since so much time has passed since then, but here’s hoping fans eventually do get a revival at some point.

Oh, what could’ve been.

(Via Gateworld)