Stargate fans petition Netflix to revive SGU

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May 6, 2013

Stargate Universe lasted only two seasons, and fans still want more. 

Netflix has all but nixed the idea of bringing back Firefly, but does that mean all sci-fi will suffer a similar fate? Fans of the short-lived final Stargate series, SGU, are hoping that won't be the case. With their petition to bring the series to Netflix, fans formed an interesting argument as to why SGU would flourish through an online platform.

As epic space science fiction, SGU has highly focused appeal to a desirable and exceptionally avantgarde demographic: Geeks, technophiles, early adopters--viewers in the coveted 18-49 age range who embrace tomorrow's technology today, and who prefer to watch series via the Internet through gaming consoles, laptops, PCs, smart phones, tablets, iPods, smart TVs, etc. Thus, though the Nielsen ratings measure conventional audiences with laudable accuracy, SGU's uniquely unconventional viewers went largely uncounted, watching in ways and time frames beyond The Nielsen Company's purview. This gave SGU the illusory appearance of unpopularity and skewed its reported demographics.

So, basically, the argument here is that the show has the kind of viewers who are far more interested in watching something through Netflix than, say, traditional cable. We wouldn't deny that. More and more people are abandoning appointment television in favor of next-day digital across the board, not just with science fiction. The question becomes -- is it enough? How many new subscribers can Netflix safely project they would garner by bringing back SGU as opposed to any other sci-fi show? How much would it cost to rebuild SGU's standing set, and how much would the actors want to return?

There's a lot to consider but, what we'd like to know is -- do YOU want SGU back?

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