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Stargate SG-1’s Christopher Judge wants to make a Jaffa spinoff series

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Jul 25, 2018, 11:20 AM EDT (Updated)

Fans are still waiting to hear where the Stargate franchise will go next, but longtime star Christopher Judge has a few ideas for what he’d like to see next — and it sounds like he’s game to actually write and produce it.

Judge, who played the character Teal’c on Stargate SG-1 for more than a decade, has said he would love to tell a Jaffa-focused spinoff or prequel story within the Stargate canon. The franchise already expanded into web shorts earlier this year with Stargate Origins, a prequel that filled in a long lost adventure for the character Catherine Langford. Judge believes that format could be well suited to a new story that catches back up with the Jaffa, who ended SG-1 as a burgeoning free nation.

Teal'c Christopher Judge

“There’s some stories that I’d like to tell,” Judge said at SDCC via Gateworld. “A lot of the questions that I get are ‘So what happened to the Jaffa? Now that they’re free, what are they doing now?’ I have an answer!”

If not a modern-day story catching up with the Free Jaffa Nation, Judge even has a back-up idea: a prequel story focused on Teal’c’s longtime friend and mentor Bra’tac, who was one of the early sparks to start the push for Jaffa freedom: “I would love to tell the Bra’tac origins story. How did the Free Jaffa movement start, and how was Bra’tac involved in it? How did Bra’tac become Bra’tac? I really thought that would be interesting.”

There’s been no official momentum on anything Stargate-related since the end of Origins (which has since been compiled into a film-style cut, combining all the webisodes), but it's worth noting Judge is still actively involved with the franchise in an official capacity as host of the Stargate Command streaming service’s Dialing Home interview series. So he’s certainly in proximity to the ears that would need to be bent about a new web project. Judge also wrote several episodes of SG-1 over the years, helping craft the mythology of the Jaffa from behind and in front of the camera. So he certainly has the know-how and skill set.

Fans hoping for any big announcements for the franchise were likely left disappointed by SDCC, which came and went with no real news on a continuation for the series. MGM has leveraged the Stargate franchise into a niche streaming service that features all the various shows and movies (plus the Origins web series), but fans continue to champ at the bit for something more.

What do you think? Would you like to see Judge back in his armor as Teal’c for a new story?

(Via Gateworld)