Stargate: Universe cliffhanger to finally be resolved with new comic run

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Jun 9, 2017, 9:52 AM EDT (Updated)

If you’re still bummed about that jaw-dropping cliffhanger to Stargate Universe in 2011, answers are finally coming. Just, you know, not actually on TV.

Comic publisher American Mythology is putting together a new run of Stargate comics that will focus on the final series in the franchise, and aims to pick up where a potential third season would have if the show had survived. The series is called Stargate Universe (duh) and subtitled “Back to Destiny.” The first issue is set for release later this month.

If you’ll remember, the Season 2 finale ended on the cliffhanger of Eli all alone and with his life in the balance, trying to find a way to fix the damaged stasis pod before the ship jumps. The series wasn’t perfect, but it really ended on a high note, so it’s great to see that story finally get a chance to be told. The comics are officially licensed, though the original show writers aren't heavily involved in the comic series. But hey, this is probably the closest we’ll ever get to seeing that particular cliffhanger resolved in any capacity, so we’ll take it.

Along with the Universe run, American Mythology has also been publishing a Stargate Atlantis series with a similar approach, which picked up after the series finale and got Sheppard and the crew back to work. So check that out, if that particular brand of 'Gate is more up your alley.

With the big-screen Stargate reboot apparently dead, it’ll be interesting to see what eventually happens with the Stargate franchise. It’s a well-known property, and you’d have to think someone will get it back off the ground eventually, right? Hollywood can’t leave anything alone for too long.

(Via Gateworld)