Stars signed for Kyle Newman's Emo Boy flick

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Dec 14, 2012

Fanboys director Kyle Newman now has a lead for his live-action adaptation of Stephen Emond's mopey, satiric comic-book series Emo Boy, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie is slated to star Lucas Cruikshank, the Nebraska-born, teenage creator and star of the web-based series of comedy skits Fred, about a hyperactive 6-year-old prone to freakouts and tantrums. Cruikshank's YouTube page is one of the most widely followed of all time, with more than a million subscribers. Fanboys, Pearl Harbor and Sin City star Jaime King is also signed on.

The adventures of Emo Boy, collected in graphic novels such as Emo Boy, Volume 1: Nobody Cares About Anything Anyway So Why Don't We All Just Die?, tell the story of a high school freshman who is very depressed and sensitive and who has to deal with the pain and travails of an existence too angsty for even Judy Blume. Emo Boy has special "Emo Powers" far beyond those of mortal lads, involving making girls' heads explode, writing bad poetry, crying a lot and suffering from embarrassing changes in mass and size during moments of duress.

Emond will be writing the script. Vanguard Films' John H. Williams (who has produced films ranging from the Shrek series to Seven Years in Tibet) and Robert Moreland are producing.

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