Starz's Evil Dead television series has found Ash's two new sidekicks

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Feb 12, 2015, 4:54 PM EST

Some new details are starting to leak out in regard to Starz’s new Evil Dead series, and here are the two actors who will play key roles alongside returning star Bruce Campbell.

The studio has locked in two co-stars for Ash vs. Evil Dead, and it sounds like they’ll be joining Ash (Campbell) on his mission to take on all the deadites he can handle. The series will apparently find the former Army of Darkness hero as an “aging lothario” called out of retirement when a new evil threatens to destroy mankind as we know it.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Ray Santiago (Meet the Fockers) will portray new addition Simon Bolivar. The character is basically Ash’s sidekick, and is described as “a Sancho Panza to Ash’s Don Quixote” who buys into Ash’s mission and truly believes he’s the hero to take on the deadites.

Along with Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo (A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas) has also joined the project. She will portray a “moody wild child” who is trying to escape her past. Well, at least until she gets pulled into Ash and Pablo’s mission to save the world.

One of the big questions surrounding this long-awaited project is exactly how they’ll stretch out the Evil Dead concept to a full television series. These two casting additions will almost certainly be a big part of the puzzle, and it sounds like this new deadite threat will be driving much of the season’s narrative.

Ash vs. Evil Dead is slated to debut late this year on Starz. Sam Raimi himself has signed on to co-write and direct the pilot.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)