Stay put! Second after-credits scene for The Avengers revealed!

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Dec 17, 2012

What's awesome about Marvel films—besides all that comic book superhero goodness—is that they always have those cool after-credits scenes that keep us glued to our seats as the credits slowly roll away. The same will happen with The Avengers: except don't leave after the first after credits scene, 'cause—yep—there's a second one to see.

Christopher Campbell, aka @thefilmcynic, who is editor of the Documentary Channel Blog, a documentary columnist and a contributing writer for, tweeted about the existence of the second after-credits scene.

(Just click on the pics to make them bigger. You guys know the drill.)

We don't know about you, but we're actually really curious about that second bonus after-credits scene. Does it set up the arrival of upcoming new Avengers team members like Ant-Man or Doctor Strange in any way? Now WE really wanna know. Do you?

Well, Christopher Campbell DMed the answer to those who did want to know, and we've put it right here below.


You've been warned.

Here it is, then. The second after-credits scene features:

the entire team sitting down after the final battle and eating shawarma. It lasts for roughly a minute and features no dialogue, although Mark Ruffalo reportedly struggles to keep a straight face throughout.

There you have it! Will you stick around for the second Avengers after-credits scene? Are you guys disappointed by what it is, or do you think it could be one of the coolest scenes ever?

(via Comic Book Movie)