Stay up to date with Angels & Demons from Da Vinci Blu-ray

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Angels & Demons, the sequel to 2006's The Da Vinci Code, opens today, which seems as good a time as any to consider the newly released Blu-ray edition of the first film, which Lexine Wong, senior executive vice president of worldwide marketing for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, says will update fans on the future of the Robert Langdon franchise.

The disc's BD-Live content allows viewers connected to the Internet to watch the star-studded premiere of Angels & Demons and more, Wong said. "I think there's a lot of interesting things with the Robert Langdon franchise," she said. "There's a new book coming out from Dan Brown this fall, so you can [potentially] download a chapter, excerpts, whatever it is there, which you couldn't get on the disc prior [to the book's publication]. We want whatever content that we make available to be organic to that particular movie or give them some updates."

The ability for BD-Live users to subscribe to an RSS feed could also help Sony advise fans of other releases related to their interest in Th Da Vinci Code. "If you were interested just in upcoming releases, and you want to have things accessible all the time, and you want it through a different format, if you've got your BD-Live disc in, we'll push content towards you ultimately," she said. "With RSS feeds, we'll ultimately be able to push new updates."

Already available with the Da Vinci Code Blu-ray, BD-Live users can log on to CineChat and communicate with friends while they watch the movie. "I think with social media being so popular these days, people are always [constantly] 24-7 texting, talking," Wong said. "Our feeling is that giving people the opportunity to chat with their friends when they're watching the movie experience, even if they're not in the same room, is something they'll have fun with. The interesting thing is we've done it so that you can actually text onto your Blackberrys or whatever your PDA handhelds are, so you don't have to actually do it on a keyboard, which sometimes gets cumbersome. It makes it really fluid when you're watching something."

You won't even have to be watching The Da Vinci Code to chat with other Code viewers. "So many times people are multitasking," she said. "I'm watching a movie and sending something to a friend. 'Oh, did you see this? Look at this extended scene?' You can actually capture it, too, when you're not in front of your TV screen. I go onto my CineChat ID, and I find that some of my other friends are watching, I can actually chat with them while they're watching it at the same time, so it's really convenient."

The Da Vinci Code extended-cut two-disc set is now available.