Steampunk cyborgs attack in kinetic new Bioshock Infinite trailer

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Mar 15, 2013, 12:38 PM EDT

Sail away to the carnival-cool majesty of Columbia in the third odyssey from the twisted wizards at Irrational Games.  This new trailer, named False Shepherd, sets up the backstory of Booker DeWitt and the many emotional scars he carries on a gory quest to save a mysterious girl named Elizabeth.  

Set in 1912 with its weird, floating World's Fair atmosphere, intense psychokinetic brutality and wild weapons to wield, like the "Founder Pig Volley Gun" and "Paddywhacker Hand Cannon," how could you not be swept away to steampunk heaven?  Ladies and gentlemen, step right up ...

Here's the official synopsis:

BioShock Infinite puts players in the shoes of U.S. Cavalry veteran turned hired gun Booker DeWitt. Indebted to the wrong people and with his life on the line, DeWitt has only one opportunity to wipe his slate clean. He’s one man, alone. And the followers of the Prophet Father Comstock will stop at nothing to keep Booker from his Quarry. But with an arsenal of weapons and the incredible powers granted by Vigors, Booker deals death from above on the Sky-Lines of Columbia. And the girl he’s there to rescue might turn out to be the partner he needs to survive.

Bioshock Infinite drifts into reality on March 26, 2013.

(Via Laughing Squid)